Mosarte, Brazil, produce wooden, onyx, porcelain, glass & marble tiles. Selecting what appeals from their site. See Blogroll for a link.

Niteroi Legno, wood /

Niteroi Legno, wood – Wall-mounted decorative panel /

Copan Legno, wood /

Arte Moderna: Pampulha P Legno, wood /

Alvorada Legno

Arte Moderno: Alvorado Legno, wood /

Arte Moderno: Itatiaia Legno, wood/

Pietra Onix /

Candango Crema, stone /

Luxemburgo, stone /

Itatiaia Grigio

Itatiaia Grigio, stone /

Jackar Onix Branco, stone /

Candango Preto, stone /

Candango Grigio

Candango Grigio, stone /

Valeggio Ferro, stone /

Alvorda Mix Bege, stone /

Copan Preto, stone /

Abaporu Bege, stone

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