Romanian born furniture designer, Schulim Krimper (1893-1971), moved to Australia in 1939. His output of crafted pieces from the 1950’s & 60’s was considerable: some of it is shown here. Images from various sources.

Go to the Australian Dictionary of Biography for more information on Krimper: /


Oak Lounge Suite /

Krimpler Rectangular Chest of Drawers /

Room Divider /

Teak Side Table /

Blackbean Lounge Suite /

Schulim Krimper (1893-1971) Coffee Table glass top with lower support platform for magazines

Kauri Pine Screen /

Writing Desk /
Lina Bryant’s Writing Desk and Screen /
Queensland Walnut Coffee Table /  
Teak Coffee Table /
Teak Stools /
Occasional Table /


Ten Light Chandelier

Red Cedar Dining Table /

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