2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition finalists: A global competition for design & technology students. A link to the Electrolux site is under Blogroll.

Text is taken from the Electrolux Design Lab website /


Pure Towel: ‘The PETE household appliance merges the PET bottles in order to print clothing items from them. Lets spare the environment and dress fashionable  Pure Towel is designed to improve fast paced living, reducing energy consumption and providing a positive impact on people’s health by killing bacteria that cause allergies and respiratory diseases.’ Designer:Leobardo Armenta, Industrial Design, Mexico Universidad Autonoma De Ciudad Juarez, Mexico /

Set to Mimic: ‘Reproduces tastes and smells at sensory level via signal sent from the plate and glass to the microchip head patch, making dieting enjoyablee. Set to Mimic is a solution to your bad eating habits. Useful for those with diabetes, food allergies, those keeping a diet or fussy children. Designer:Sorina Răsteanu, First Year Of Masters In Product Design, Romania West University Of Timisoara, Romania /

‘Future hunter-gatherer’ is a food ingredients collection system which simplify complex ingredient sourcing networks using holographic technology and offering an enjoyable way to get close to nature.’  Designer: Pan Wang, Masters Industrial Design, China Central Saint Martins, United Kingdom /

‘UrbanCONE creates healthy microclimates outdoors as it can purify the air around the entire city – as well as in our homes.’  Designer: Michał Pośpiech, Study, Poland The Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Arts, Poland /

‘Pete creates a natural recycling method for plastic bottles and turns the consumer into an eco.-designer.  The PETE household appliance merges the PET bottles in order to print clothing items from them. Sparing the environment and dressing fashionably.’ Designer: Kovács Apor, Product Design, Hungary Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design Budapest, Hungary /

Lotus: ‘Pick as seed of fresh air. An air purifier should be able to adapt to people’s lifestyles and various activities as well as purify the air. Mobility and versatility make Lotus flexible enough to suit any condition.The rechargeable and portable 3 air balls can be used in various environment for various kind of tasks. For example, Humid Ball can be used while sleeping for adjusting the humidity.’ Designer: Fulden Dehneli, Industrial Designer, Turkey Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

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