Concept designers, Ania Rosinke & Maciej Chmara of Chmara.Rosinke Studio, Vienna, develop novel & functional objects & structures. See Blogroll for a link.

A timber daybed for Hermès  ‘A simple wooden daybed with foldable textile screens positioned over the daybed provide the feeling of safety & show also to other people how you feel ‘ /

Mobile Hospitality (Mobile Gastfreundschaft): A wheelbarrow kitchen for public space  /

A Tailor’s Ritual: made for Wäscheflott, the shirt maker/

Field Chapel, Chwaszczyno /


Chair Miron ‘The appearance and the different thickness of the legs play with the association of human stereotypes: the a bit edgy and more massive father, the slim and elegant lady and the a bit out of proportion son’/

Klangraum Stein, Sonntag Stein, Austria (a work of art & cover for the farming & skying community in the Vorarlberg mountains /

Chaise 01 (fibreglass)

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