Award winning Swedish photojournalist, Niclas Hammarstrom’s images remove any journalistic reticence. Images & text sourced from Kontinent Photojournalist Agency.

Syrien: Das vergessene Leid der Kinder. © Niclas Hammarström/Kontinent

The heartrending photograph above won Unicef’s Photo of the Year 2013 /

Omar, de 31 años, un soldado del Ejército Libre de Siria llegó al hospital a las 13:49 con una herida de bala en el pecho. Nueve minutos más tarde fue declarado muerto. Esta imagen forma parte de la serie ganadora del XVII Premio Luis Valtueña de Fotografía Humanitaria Médicos del Mundo. La exposición donde se podrá ver el trabajo del galardonado y los otros tres finalistas se podrá visitar a partir del 21 de enero en el espacio CentroCentro de Madrid.

Syria : The Dar Al-Shifa hospital: ‘Niclas Hammarström visited the Dar al-Shifa hospital, in the heart of Aleppo. This was the main health center of the city where the injured fighters were brought. All the personal of the hospital was working around the clock, sometimes living and sleeping in the hospital, before it was bombed by the Syrian army on November 21st” – from the Kontinent (Swedish Photojournalist Agency) site: /

medicos del mundo, alepo, siria: Retrato de una guerra | Fotogalería | Sociedad | EL PAÍS

Hammarstrom won the 2014 Swedish Picture of the Year  for the above photograph /

Life during wartime in Aleppo, Syria: ‘a particular focus on the remaining civilians living in the hostile environment, caused by the ongoing conflict between the Free Syrian Army and the government. It documents daily life, demonstrations for peace, children collecting wood to get heat in a city where the electricity has been shut, how the families get food supplies, and how the people try to maintain schools, health care, and a local mental institute’ – from the Kontinent (Swedish Photojournalist Agency)

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