Suspended furniture & carpet inlaid with marble: Belgian, Ramy Fischler’s interior design & furniture. See Blogroll for a link.

Suspended triptych mirror, backed in marble, is also an audio system to broadcast music /


Suspended marble table with colour changing screen behind /

Carpet inlaid with marble tiles (Tai Ping Carpets) /

Back of the suspended triptych mirror /

Heterotopia (office) /

Fading to a bleached out upper area of the room /

Place de Columbia apartment in Paris -‘fusing art, industry, craftsmanship, fantasy and reality’ /

Colombie 2 stool /

Colombie chair /

Feuillete Chair & Stool /

Low Table Colombe & marble plate /

Tai Ping Showroom with Chinoiserie chairs & Chinoiserie rug

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