Didzis Jaunzems Architecture (DJA), Latvia: their scenography or stage design rather than their architecture, is in this post. See Blogroll for a link to their site.

‘Music, Dance, Adventure’ at the Latvian National Opera House, June 2014 as part of the Riga Festival. ‘Scenography is not anymore seen as a stage decoration but rather as a tool for creation of various spatial situations.   The vertical elements are made of translucent plastic tubes with total length of about 10 000 m. They suck in the light and scatter it homogeneously along all their length.’ /

The Grand Music Award 2013 ceremony. ‘(The set) consists (of) 12 000 folded paper triangular elements fixed with specific apertures. Elements are open step by step starting from opera portal towards the center of the stage creating gradient base for light and video projections. Triangular elements are attached to 60 structural segments filled with translucent fabric.’

‘The Bird with the Silk Tale ‘The concert was dedicated to the famous Latvian writer Ojars Vacietis.  7 movable sceneography walls created a feeling of different atmospheres of Pardaugava, where the writer spent his life.  Scenography is not anymore seen as a stage decoration but rather as a tool to give much deeper feeling of the context. Concert walls were gradually opened and more spacious views of the Pārdaugava were projected – The gradual openness and closeness also goes hand in hand with overall artistic scenario of the concert. The centrally located stage gave a better view to 600 people audience and a feeling of being an integral part of performance.’

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