Set & costume designer, Conor Murphy’s effective collaboration with video producers & lighting designers. See Blogroll for a link.

Labyrinth of Love, Rambert Dance Company, 2012-12: Video production by Mat Collishaw, Lighting by Charles Balfour /

Conor Murphy's set & costume designs

Lohengrin, Royal Swedish Opera, 2012. Lighting by Fabrice Kebour, Video production by Thomas Bergmann & Willem Bramsche /

I Puritani - Vincenzo Bellini - Grange Park Opera - 31 May 2013 Lord Walton - Matthew Stiff Elvira - Claire Rutter Sir Riccardo Forth - Damiano Salerno Sir Giorgio Walton - Christopheros Stamboglis Lord Arturuo Talbot - Jesus Leon Queen Henrietta Maria - Olivia Ray Sir Bruno Robertson - Alberto Sousa Conductor - Gianluca Marciano Director - Stephen Langridge Designer - Conor Murphy Lighting - Paul Keogan Video - Willem Bramsche & Thomas Bergmann

I Puritani, Grange Park Opera 2013. Lighting by Paul Keogan, Video production by Thomas Bergmann & Willem Bramsche   /

The Government Inspector, Abbey Theatre, Bublin, 2011. Lighting by Kevin Treacy  /

The Magic Flute, Korean National Opera, 2009. Lighting by Paul Keogan /

Woman and Scarecrow, Abbey Theatre Dublin, 2007. Lighting by Kevin Treacy  /

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