Cinnamon Lee is a gold & silversmith trained artist who produces discretely patterned jewellery & a range of lights. She lives & works in Australia. See Blogroll for a link.

Code Red Series /

Balls out / Balls in and out / Balls in /

Blue Flowers /

Secret Love Ring /

Multicopy Rings: Gold /

Interconnected Ring Series /

Cinnamon Lee's jewellery & lighting

Covet Jewels rings /

Secrets Ring Series: Rage, Envy /

Tinker Tailor Soldier Series, Perception Brooch /

Dark Secrets Series /

Transform Rings /

Bloom /

p.lights /

Down Lamp /

Long Life Bulb Series /

Up Lamp 1 /

Up Lamp 2 /

Chamelon Lamps /

Desk Lamp /

Spectrum /

Phototaxis /

Tail Light /

Bud Lamp

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