A selection of Peruvian architectural practice, Barclay & Crousse’s more recent work: 2012-2014. See Blogroll for a link.

PA 01.jpg

PA 03.jpg

PA 05.jpg

PA 06.jpg

Paracas Museum, On site museum – pedagogic workshops.  Paracas National Park, Ica, Peru. 2012 /

AV 01.jpg

AV 03.jpg

AV 04.jpg

Visual Arts School, vertical extension of an historical landmark. Lima, Peru. 2012 /

LDM 02c.jpg

LDM 01A.jpg

LDM 04.jpg

LDM 02b.jpg

Place of Memory, Memorial for the reconciliation of Peruvian people, exhibition spaces, research centre and auditorium. Lima. 2014 /

LI 08.jpg

LI 05.jpg

LI 04.jpg

Club house and services, La Isla, Asia. 2014 /

CM6 01.jpg

CM6 06.jpg

CM6 05.jpg

CM6 04.jpg

M6 House, Punta Hermosa, Lima. 2013

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