Outdoor furniture made from plastic & slimline concrete, designed through Escofet, Barcelona. See Blogroll for a link to Escofet.

Escofet is a Barcelona-based industry that designs and manufactures outdoor products in architectural concrete and cast stone.  It’s genesis goes back to the late 1800’s when it was founded by pave manufacturer Jaume Escofet. Escofet has, and still, attracts architects to design outdoor products and has also developed its Slimline concrete from which some of it’s products are now made. Slimline is their trade name for a  UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete).   Escofet products are made in the UK by Woodhouse: www.woodhouse.co.uk/escofet/ 

Vilnius & Vilnius Dupo by Gae Benedito – Benedito Design /

Grasshopper by Makoto Fukudo /

Milenio by  EXP Architectes /


Sit Plastic chair & benches by Diego Fortunato /

Hebi by Elias Torres & J.A. Martinez-Lapena /

Concret bench/chair by BAAS Arquitectura:  in slimline concrete (the trade name Escofet have given to UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) /

OTTO by #Emiliana design studio. Landscape furniture in Madrid

Otto by Emiliana Design Studio /

Boomoorang bench by Arriola & Fiol. Arquitectes /

Image result for Levit by Jaume Artigues

Levit by Jaume Artigues /

Chaise Longue by Andrew Lompreta –  de Fournier & Associates /

Lungo Mar by EMBT  Arquitectes /

Twig Plastic by Alexander Lotersztain /

Slope by Pich-Aguilera Arquitectes

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