Swiss born, New York based artist, Ula Einstein, uses fire, tyvek, thread, rice paper, powdered pigments & more in her work. See Blogroll for a link.

Collapsing Forward

Collapsing Forward:  mixed media installation /

Cosmic Narrative 1

Cosmic Narrative 1:  mixed media, vegetable parchont, duralar, fire, thread, powdered pigment /

Threadscape VII

Threadscape VII:  mixed media: vegetable parchmont, duralar, fire, thread, powdered pigment, paper/

Threadscape IV:  mixed media: vegetable parchmont, duralar, fire, powdered pigment, thread, medium /

Over Time

Over Time: cotton thread, rice paper /

ReplenishReplenish:  mixed media on vellum /

Renewal V  - hybrid drawing/sculpture

Renewal V – hybrid drawing/sculpture:   mixed media, fire drawing/sculpture /

Intricacies - drawing in space -detail

Intricacies – drawing in space -detail:  mixed media installation /


Currents: blade cut drawing on manipulated Tyvek, painted found branch /


SecretBook /


Kosmos: drawing with fire on rice paper /


Timeles:  hot soldering tool, vegetable parchmont /


TRACES:  manipulated Tyvek, drawing, painted found branch /


Emerge/Recede/Emerge: Mixed Media on canvas /

Liquid Fire 1

Liquid Fire 1:  fire, paper /


Decoding: fire, thread, ink, rice paper /

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