The work of Decker Yeadon: Homeostatic facade, Smartscreens, Buckypaper & their Light Sanctuary (ribboned solar panels). See Blogroll for a link.

Homeostatic Facades: A thermo-responsive building skin (or muscle) that flexes to open and close as solar heat rises or falls, acting as a barrier to solar heat. As it adapts to natural changes in temperature it doesn’t rely upon cost-added computer or human support. /

Smart Screen:  a solar shading system that opens and closes in response to changes in ambient room temperature.   As with the Homeostatic Facade, it doesn’t require sensors, processors, motors, or electricity to operate.   Thermo-responsive materials serve as material motors that can open and close the screen by changing their shape. /

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And the material that Decker Yeadon developed for use in the technology above.  (Information taken from an article on Inhabitat’s website.)  Decker Yeadon are the first architectural practice to synthesize a thin sheet of carbon nanotube buckypaper. The paper is 10 times lighter and 500 times stronger than steel. It can conduct both heat and electricity, and it can filter particles. They plan on utilizing the super-strong and lightweight material in future building projects. To create the material they chemically dispersed the nanotubes and then poured them into a vacuum filtration unit, where they collect on a membrane surface.  Decker Yeadon hopes(d) to use the material as a thin, flexible electrode surface for an “artificial muscle” developed for architecture.

Light Sanctuary (an empowered landscape for the UAE ): a 40-kilometre long ribbon of vertical solar panels, raised on slender masts above the desert. The thin-film technology can absorb light from a range of angles, and the vertical panel orientation minimizes sand build-up.

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