A’Design Awards 2014 held in Italy: some of the winners in the Furniture & Decorative Homeware category. See Blogroll for a link.

Bean Buro_Curly_1.jpg

Bean Buro_Curly_4.jpg

Curly Table by Bean Buro Architects, Hong Kong /

Origami Chair by Hakan Gursu, Design Nobis, Ankara, Turkey /


Hamon Clock by Miyoshi Kensho, Tokyo.  Made from china & laying horizontal, the clock’s arms gently touch the water below as they move around the clock dial /

Mosk Barstool by Cherif Morsi, Cairo /

Darya Chair by Ali Alavi, Tehran /

Trifold Table, Stool, Plinth, Trestle by Max Hauser, UK /



Pillow Stool by Hong Ying Guo, USA /



Palina Armchair by Ronald Scliar Sasson, Brazil /



Riza Air Lounge by Thelos Design Team, Spain /

Kindle Living, Los Angeles, Patio Heater & Lamp

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