Clever industrial designers, Permafrost, Norway, consider simplicity of use in designing their products. A link to their site is under Blogroll.

All text and images are taken from the Permafrost website

BBQ wire chair /

Stokke Scoot – easy to handle, light weight stroller/bassinet 1 handed operaton with 4 different sitting positions built into one seat /

Level desk lamp. LEDs can be controlled individually, allowing the user to transpose light along the horizontal axis. The user simply moves light by brushing their hand along the underside of the lamp /

Arctic rod and reel from ArcticSilver,  a newly established fly fishing brand of high tech products /

Giant Leap, JD  and Silence rugs /

Moveable LED panels for Sole Service shop fitout. Lights conected to a video signal controlled by a laptop to allow light displays /

Stokke Steps versatile and user friendly seating accommodating seating needs from birth through to childhood /

Acoustic Panels acting as modular shelving systems. Can also be wall mounted /

User friendly and safe Fjord knife.

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