Creations from Design Soil, a project by teachers & students from the Product Design Department, Kobe Design University. See Blogroll for a link.

minamo 001

Minamo Desk Organizer by Yukari Tsujimoto /

coni 001

Coni Table Lamp by Megumi Wada /

shade-lit 002

Shade-lit Light by Kohdai Iwamoto /

light woods 002

light woods 003

Light Woods Floor Lamp by Tomoya Yoshino / 

Trinity Stool by Junichiro Oshima /

Sling Wall Shelf by Weena Lee /

Crimp Low Table by Tomoya Yoshino /

Fadeless vase for dry flowers by Nobu Miake /

Rollin’ Rollin’  Stool by Hiromi Manabe / 

Calendar for storage by Kengo Babata & Design Soil

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