Some of the Finnish designers who tested their prototypes on industry at the annual Protoshop event. See Blogroll for a link to Protoshop.

Hattara tables by Fanni Suvila /


Pi-No Pi-No by Maija Puoskari & Tuukka Tujula /

O10 Table by Erika Ahola – not seen at Protoshop  /


Erika Ahola’s Ribbon table /


Lassi Astalo’s Hanging Around /


On Off Light by Annamari Niskanen /



L’Edge by Panu Kontkanen /


Cord by Kasper Hyman /

Korento wall light by Noora Liesimaa /

Noora Liesimaa’s Kiila bench – not shown at Prototype /

Noora Liesimaa’s Keno chair – not seen at Protoshop /

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