American, Catharine Ellis’ woven shibori with natural dyes: works of art & textile pieces. See Blogroll for a link.

Taiten Shibori – Handwoven wool and silk.  Osage orange and logwood /

Meadow – 16″ x 16″ Woven, shibori resist, dyed, painted, stitched /

Circle Twills – Jacquard woven cotton. Alum and iron mordant application. Madder and cutch dye /

Twille Crepe Fabric – Jacquard woven cotton. Fustic, logwood, indigo /

Woven shibori, madder with alum and ferrous /

A Matter of Place Shibori /

Bark Cloth #6 – Cotton, polyester Woven, shibori resist, dyed, discharged permanently pleated /

Collection /

Woven shibori scarf /

Taiten Shibori – Handwoven wool and silk Cochineal and madder /

Heritage, 19″ x 17″ Woven, shibori resist, dyed, painted, stitched, digital print /

Harmonies /

Golden River – Cotton, 110″ x 36″ Woven, dyed, discharged, woven shibori resist

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