Pure & exotic: Habu Textiles Kyoto. (A branch is also in NY) ; Blogroll has a link.

Tu-I. Silk i. The top piece was dyed with madder root /

Pina & silk by Elodie Brunet, woven in the Phillippines /

Handspun cotton /

Overtwist cotton /

Overtwist silk designed by Yukiko Tani  /

Kakishibu cotton by Ripin /

Designed by Hiroko Taleda: Hiroko scarf made from metallic & wool yarns or ‘sabi’ /

Hiroki III scaft metallic & wool yarns or ‘sabi’ /

Gauzy wool designed by Ripin /

Double sided wool designed by Ripin /

Cotton Linen Wool designed by Ripin /

Take Fume, hand tied ramie yarn & bamboo from China /

Nawa hand tied ramie with hemp bark from China /

Embroided sheer cotton designed by Ripin /

Large check cotton designed by Ripin /

Loop shawl handwoven, silk dyed with logwood by Takako Ueki /

Tu-2. Silk ii. Made from handwoven yardage with a rare Yonakuni silk. Designed by Takako Ueki


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