Conceptual designer & architect, Dr. Margot Krasojevic, also designs highly original lighting. See Blogroll for a link to her site.

The 3d printed ceramic Momentum light which produces an electrical current as a result of it’s kinetic energy.  ‘The light is suspended by a spindle whereby it’s weight and form contribute to the angular momentum vector as it spins along its axis of rotation; it is affected by minor changes in temperature and air currents which rotate the light along its path of velocity. The light has a motion sensor diode clamped between both suspended 3d printed sections which powers the battery lighting the LED when in motion. As a result of it’s form the light speeds up due to it’s conservation of angular momentum, the form of the light reduces it’s rotational inertia affecting it’s rotational speed which must increase to maintain constant momentum resulting in a brighter light. /

Her 3d printed Tritium LED light. ‘LED bulbs sit within a rubber wheel that can be repositioned inside the light. The light radiated from the bulbs is absorbed by the phosphorescent strips and slowly re-emitted creating a glow surrounding the light. These acrylic strips slide into routed sections which guide light through the entire form. The section is detailed and complex in order to create subtle light transitions altering our perception of the entire form.’ /

Air Turbine Lamp. This 3d printed lamp acts as a vertical axis wind turbine. The form of the lamp uses the properties of aerodynamics to behave like a wind propeller. The design is inspired by the Ropatec wind rotor. The ceramic body of the light is attached to a vertical axis which turns a diode rotor that transforms the movement into light. This 3d printed shell traps wind which rotates the axis in turn generating and transforming energy into light. /

Image result for Margot Krasojevic cantilever

Image result for Margot Krasojevic cantilever

The  Cantilever light has a brass plate which serves as  a support and it helps diffuse the LED light across its section. The tempered glass tube has a mirrored strip which acts as a reflector to disperse the LED light. Another  detail is the intricate sleeve which covers the glass tube, and can be rotated to focus the light and create different lighting effects. /

Image result for Margot Krasojevic orbital

3d-printed LED Orbital Levitation l

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