Charles Sowers (USA), utilizes kinetic energy & other science for his building facades & installations. See Blogroll for a link.

Wave Wall

‘Wave Wall is a 32’ high and 85’ long wall of wind-activated pendulums covering the entire front façade of LIGO’s Science Education Center. Each pendulum is magnetically coupled with its neighbor so that the whole wall reveals beautiful fluid-like motions as energy is transferred from one pendulum to the next’ /

Ice Window

‘Ice forming on top of a chilled horizontal window is viewed through polarizing filters allowing one to watch richly colored crystals grow. A water sprayer allows the user to re-melt the ice so they can watch the process anew’ /

Windswept, 2012

‘Windswept is a wind-driven kinetic façade consisting of 612 freely-rotating directional arrows creating a large-scale observational instrument that reveals the complex interactions between the wind and the building. The wind arrows serve as discrete data points indicating the direction of local flow within the larger phenomenon’ /

‘Render of proposed wind-driven kinetic facade for Henry B Gonzales Convention Center, San Antonio Texas.’ /

[taken from] ‘Second video of the maquette made for the proposed facade of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio TX.’

Drip Table.  ‘When flipped over, a fluid filled chamber forms drips which are illuminated from below. One side of the chamber has a screen onto which the drips are projected. The drips act as lenses that focus the light in interesting and beautiful patterns. One interesting feature is that the drips self-arrange into a quasi-hexagonal or vornoi latice of equally spaced drips’ /

‘Maquette for 24th  Street BART station proposal’ /

Illuminated Fog. ‘A device for viewing the complex motions and patterns in airflow as visualized with fog (water vapor). Ultrasonic humidifier, LED lighting. 2009′ [All text taken from Charles Sowers’ site]

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