Spanish architect,Toni Gironès Saderra’s work & expertise at sensitive sites. See Blogroll for a link to his website.

Ses Oliveres, Cadaques, 2012 /

Clima, Museum of Environment and Climate, Lleida /

Weyler, 35 dwellings in Badalona /

Sero, Sanctuary for discovered ruins plus a social centre cum bar. Winner of a FAD (Architecture & Interior Design) Award 2013 /

Re interpretation of the archeological natural site of Can Tacó (s. II a.C.), Montmeló – Montornès del Vallès. Winner of the XII Beau (Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism Award) /

Point of information and pavillion access to the natural and archeological site of “Els turons de les tres creus” (Montmeló-Montornés del Vallés / BCN) 2008-2012 /

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