Not a building: Barkow Leibinger’s (architects) installations, exhibitions of models and fabricated pieces..and a light fitting. See Blogroll for a link.

Prototyping Architecture Exhibition

Prototyping Architecture Exhibition, London 2013 /

Higher Atlas installation at Marrakech Biennale 2012 /

Wind-Mill Luminaire using OLED lighting and touch sensors /

Contemplating the Void, Inventions in the Guggenheim Museum N.Y. 2010 /

Barkow Leibinger Exh SB 091

An Atlas of Fabrication, AA Gallery, Architectural Association London. 2009 /

Light Structure, Galerie Hans-Peter Jochum, Berlin. 2009 /

Manufacturing Material Effects, Digital Age Gallery, Indianapolis Museum of Art. 2008 /

A Nomadic Garden, Venice Biennale 2008 /

Convertible City - Modes of Densification and Dissolving Boundaries

(Not quite a building): Convertible City, Modes of Densification and Dissolving Boundaries, Venice Biennale, 2006

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