Dichroic glass facades designed with a deft hand. Links are contained within the post.

Understated and glowing  – Manchester Metropolitan Business School & Media Hub by Feilden Clegg Bradley  http://www.fcbstudios.com/

South Campus Chiller Plant at Ohio State University by Ross Barney Architects.  http://www.r-barc.com/

Avid experimenter of glass, James Carpenter, uses dichroic glass cleverly in the Millenium Tower, N.Y.  http://www.jcdainc.com/

 Dichroic in the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona by Will Bruder and James Carpenter  http://willbruderarchitects.com/     http://www.jcdainc.com/

Image result for dichroic glass dublin

Image result for dichroic glass dublin

Spencer Dock: a  jewelbox of a building in Dublin.  Building and architect unknown but it is on the  Arbucomp website.    http://www.arbucomp.com/

La Defense, The Netherlands, by UN Studio.  Dichroic takes off but it works (with sunglasses)  http://www.unstudio.com/

Department Store in Seoul by UNStudio, glows colour at night but is tempered by movement and pattern  http://www.unstudio.com/

Image result for Bayern State Opera Rehearsal Building

Bayern State Opera Rehearsal Building, Munich, by Gewers Kuhn & Kuhn (with a team including Olafur Eliasson)  http://www.gkk-architekten.de/

View from street

Close-up view of facade panels

Low-cost housing project for The Peabody Trust,  Dublin.  Niall McLaughlin Architects  http://www.niallmclaughlin.com

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