Clever Florentine designers D’Apostraphe’s graphics & products. Here: MZine 23; Museum of Prato exhib.; the book “Atlanti Civi”; L’Arca magazine; Opere 30 & 33 magazine; Academy F branding; Acapulco Table; Doombo Chair; Shanghai Lamps, 2 gifs.

L’imbroglio energetico –The energy swindle /

Opere 34 – La città dialogante / The smart city /

Centro Studi Poltronova – Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design /
AT’12 – Branding, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design /
Opere 30 – Città Clandestina / Underground City /
Opere 27 – Art Direction, Editorial Design, Illustration /
MCP / Museo Civico Prato – Branding, Graphic Design, Information Architecure

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