ANZANG nature photography win by David Rennie (1st shot); Alvaro Cubero Vega’s work (4 shots), mixed sources (5 shots); Paul Nelson’s work (bottom 2 shots)

Alvaro Cubero Vega /

Alvaro Cubero Vega /

Scarlet macaws extend from extreme SE Mexico to Amazonian Peru, Bolivia and Brazil in lowlands up to 500m, suffering from local extinctions due to habitat destruction and capture for the parrot trade. (Alvaro Cubero Vega)

Alvaro Cubero Vega /

Nick Brandt /

John Van-Den-Broeke /

Image result for Sundell Larsen birds

Sundell Larsen /

Ingeborg Van Leeuwen /

Aljandro Prieto /



Paul Nelson /


Paul Nelson

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