Happy to display some emerging Australian designers’ work.


Ash Allen’s Dollop light and Lionheart stool from ASH ALLAN  http://www.ashallen.com  /

Sliding Drawers and Taper Bar Stool from Felicity Dessewffy of DESSEWFFY http://cargocollective.com/dessewffy  /

Enzo Sideboard from Rosanna Ceravolo of Rosanna Ceravolo Design https://www.facebook.com/rosannaceravolodesign/    

Tate Anson Design

Tate Anson Design

Tate Anson Design

Works | NGV | View Work

Tate Anson from TATE ANSON DESIGN’s Solaris clock and Tryst stool.  http://www.tateanson.com   /

Coco Lamp by Coco Flip | Design +

Coco Flip Bucket coffee table and now a mini Coco Pendant by Kate Stokes of COCO FLIP  http://www.cocoflip.com.au

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