Lennarts & de Bruijn, located in the Hague: a multidisciplinary Design Studio founded by Max Lennarts & Menno de Bruijn. See Blogroll for a link.

Poster series for the concrete jungle called HOOP. ‘Two months, eight club nights, ten posters, 100 beers and one big hangover.’ /

Image for ‘The Artists Will Be Present’ Open Day Campaign 2017 of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Art Direction: Lesley Moore co-ordinated Lennarts & de Bruijn and Studio Krank  /

Visual Identity for the exhibition: ‘Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare’ at Bureau Europe, a platform for architecture and design. The exhibition was about care, spatial design and design, and examines the care challenges of the 21st century from different perspectives and design disciplines. /

Poster, Animation, Illustration & Video for WHOOSAH Summer Closing /

Poster Design and Concept for the event ‘Anarchists, Squatters, Punks & …Yuppies’ /

Thesis design for ‘Rechtervoet op groen, linkerhand op geel; De dynamiek van de hedendaagse fotografiewereld. (Right foot on green, left hand on yellow; The dynamics of the contemporary photography world). The title refers to the incredible game of Twister.’ /

‘A happy protest was made. A research on things that can uplift your mood instantly. We fake smiles. We sniff lemon. We dress blue. We smell like teen spirit. We pet our pups.’ Exhibited on the 11th of May 2013 at Depot BG in Amsterdam, at the Typographic Karaoke exhibition.

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